Conklin Classic 424 Bass

Recognized as one of the most innovative brands in the industry, Conklin Guitars has consistently pushed the envelope and helped shape the evolution of modern music. For over 30 years Conklin has redefined the possibilities of stringed musical instruments. Along the way, gaining the praise of bass luminaries such as Victor Wooten, Bill Dickens and Rocco Prestia, to name a few. Although most known for custom guitars and basses, they’ve developed a Conklin Classics line of basses featuring  4 and 5 string, retro-inspired basses with contemporary refinements that will appease the most versatile of musicians.

Conklin Classic 424 Bass - Shaun Munday Edition

  • Sidewinder double-cutaway bodystyle
  • Conklin 2+2 headstock
  • Alder body wood and a 3-piece Hard Maple bolt-on neck
  • 24 frets
  • 34” scale Rosewood fretboard
  • EMG P/J pickups
  • Dual volume controls
  • 3-band EQ with sweepable midrange
  • Finished in matte black
  • Red tortoiseshell pickguard
  • Black hardware

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